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Which luggage is perfect for you?

24 Dec 2022
Which luggage is perfect for you?

The most crucial part of any trip is the accommodation followed by the luggage bag you carry. Whether your journey is short or long, you need a proper and durable luggage trolley bag for easy movement and transit.

Imagine struggling with your trolley handle in the middle of the airport while passengers rush from beside you or struggling to move the bag at the security check line while the passengers behind begin getting impatient.

Therefore, selecting the correct travel luggage trolley is as significant as selecting your next travel destination. So, when you go luggage shopping next time, make sure to check out Bagline’s collection of Tommy Hilfiger travel luggage. Even though Tommy Hilfiger’s luggage sets are perfection embodied, there still remains a common question that looms in the background which is: “Should I get soft luggage? or should I buy luggage with a harder exterior?”. Well, the below-detailed analysis might be of help to you.

Hard-Shell Luggage

If you are someone who keeps getting their essentials squashed inside the check-in bag, then you need to opt for sturdy and secure hard-shell luggage bags. The benefits of these travel luggage bags are as follows:

  • Keeps everything organized, and during transit, no matter how many bags are mounted on them, the essentials and commodities inside stay intact.
  • Perfect for monsoon weather or destinations with regular rainfalls, as they are water resistant, which means you can be soaked in sweat or rain, but you will always have a fresh dry outfit you can change into.
  • No matter how many spills and splashes your hard-shelled luggage bags go through, cleaning them is an easy swipe through the bag.

The only cons of purchasing a hard-shell luggage bag are that you might find it difficult to carry with you on road trips, as they aren’t very compact and might consume a lot of your car space.

But, if you want to travel with ease, even on road trips, you can check out Tommy Hilfiger’s cabin luggage bags, which are light-weight, compact and easy to carry.

Soft Luggage

If you’re an avid traveler, you might know that despite all the benefits of hard-shell luggage, nothing can beat the flexibility of soft luggage bags.

For a long time, you might have noticed soft luggage bags lose their popularity to hard-shell luggage suitcases on the front of durability and water resistance, but brands like Tommy Hilfiger have revolutionized soft luggage bags by using highly durable materials, which are also water resistant.

Tommy Hilfiger Travel Gear goes one step further to ensure proper security by adding TSA locks in every travel luggage.

The benefits of Soft Luggage Bags are:

  • They can be easily carried anywhere as the fabric used in curating is very light.
  • Some premium brands use water-resistant fabric that keeps the essentials and clothes safe and dry.
  • Soft luggage bags withstand the rough handling by airport staff, whereas sometimes hard luggage might get a dent or scratch.

The only con about getting a soft luggage bag is that the commodities inside, if not packed properly, can get squished during the journey.


The main aim of selecting the right luggage for yourself or the trip is to feel comfortable during your journey. For example, if you are traveling solo, you would much rather prefer durable backpacks, but if you are traveling for a business trip, a backpack might look very casual, and you would probably opt for an overnighter bag.

So before investing in luggage, you need to analyze the relevance of the bag with the trip and ensure that you are purchasing the right luggage with the right quality from a reliable brand.

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