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100% Authentic Products | Additional 5% off on prepaid orders
Pack Some Extra Love With These 5 Practical Gifts For Your Dad

Pack Some Extra Love With These 5 Practical Gifts For Your Dad

We all know that when it comes to gifting, dads are the most practical creatures. Their gifts are not about the glam, nor are they about what you want. Dad's gifts are always about “What you need!” But what if we told you we could help you find a gift that is both glamorous and useful this Father’s Day?

In fact you can give him these gifts whenever, because that would be a practical thing to do! So let’s get started:

The Organized Dad

If your dad meticulously organized more than three files and keeps all your childhood certificates carefully placed in separate folders, then a Tommy Hilfiger Gift Set is the perfect gift for him. This stylish set, featuring a card holder, wallet, and key fob, offers a premium look while helping him stay organized every day. Practical and elegant, it’s an ideal choice for the dad who values both style and functionality. Not bad, eh?

The Stylish Dad

For the dad who is always picture-ready and looks like he could star in a glammed-up TV soap, a show-stopping airport look is a must. Don't you agree? Complete his style with Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Bags, the perfect finishing touch to his impeccable travel ensemble.

The Fitness Enthusiast Dad

The dad who goes the extra mile or puts in the extra sweat deserves a gym bag that matches his dedication to fitness. Help him build on his healthy habits with a stylish gym duffle.

The Weekender Dad

While you might not see him often during the weekdays, he always ensures that weekend getaways are unforgettable! Such weekend warrior dads deserve nothing less than the best: Tommy Hilfiger overnighter bags. Perfect for creating sweet memories and packing extra moments of joy.

The Workaholic Dad

Dads who are always busy but still pick up your call no matter if they're in the middle of a meeting or traveling for work deserve a companion as dependable as they are. A Tommy Hilfiger business case ensures they carry a reminder of your love throughout their day.

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